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not expensive prom party dresses in color red

|Art majors.|
y/c stops mine from drinking dirty paint water.
Please provide a similar bio and a reply
Must be able to write 4+ lines
Romance/Slice of life/ Drama
Name: Auri-Anna Landson
Nickname: Auri
Age: 21
Birthday: October 31st
height: 5`7
weight: 145
Bio: Auri grew up practically with a silver spoon in her mouth, she grew up very spoiled and The only thing was she hated it. People never talked to her because she was pretty and they thought she was stuck up. She practically never had to work for anything but her good grades and the only strentious work she`s done was for volleyball or running through the mall with bags on each arm. It`s nice but Auri rather get a job and earn her own money to make a name for herself instead of using her parents and her chance is now at University of Southern California.
Personality: Auri is the pretty girl yet tomboy girl of the group. She loves shopping and makeup but she`ll also punch you in the throat if you test her or cross any of her friends. She`s really fiesty yet really fun to be around and is always ready to party. She`s shy at first but then gets really outgoing the more you`re around her. She Doesnt take bs from anyone and wont be afraid to tell you the truth no matter what.
Likes: Anything Art related Volleyball
Dislikes: Waking up early, Extra long practices, people throwing her name in her face,
Strengths: Her talents, being influentel,independant
Weaknesses: She likes to try and handle everything by herself.
The smell of acrylic paint filled Auri`s nostrils and although there was a slight burning sensation the artist was immune to it and practically in love with it. It gave her a positive sensory overload while she did something she was so passionate about. Her left hand accessorized with the paint brush, dipped into the murky green color on her pallet as she leaned back a little on the stool before going onto the canvas with light strokes. Art had been a gift to Auri. Some people train to be good at it, paying for lessons and practicing all hours of the day, but the moment Auri-anna picked up a pencil and drew her first self portrait in 8th grade, her teachers and parents knew she was blessed and would go far. Her parents didn't approve of her college choice, wanting her to go to the best and most prestigious art school that money could buy. Auri polity declined and decided on making a name for herself somewhere that her parents had no connections. not expensive prom party dresses in color red
Using the back of her hand she pushed her glasses up on the bridge of her nose and returned hunched over into her painting creating immaculate detail that was sure to be recognized. The art room was vacant aside from her and the soft hum of Alina Baraz through her earphones. Dipping the brush into the water to clean she switched her tools to a smaller brush and began adding more details on the trees surrounding the waterfall. Most of Auri`s muses come from things she had seen in a dream or places she had visited aside from portraits of course. The door to the art room had creaked open and Auri turned to take a glance at who had joined her.
A guy seemingly way taller than her 5'7 frame entered and he moved about the room with a purpose while Auri turned back to her masterpiece
. She was almost done and was satisfied with the percentage she had done considering she started 4 hours ago. All that was left to be done was the sky, and that's where she had a bit of conflict. The caramel colored female needed to decide between a sunset, blue skies, or nightfall before she could continue the painting. Staring in awe of the painting she reached her hand over picking up the cup she thought was filled with her fruit punch. A hand snapped her out of her trance as she changed her focus from her painting to the guy who had rested his hand firmly on her wrist making her look down and gasp in embarrassment. "I think this has been the most entertaining art incident for me" He commented making her roll her eyes. She was thankful he was there because she would have had a mouth full of dirty paint water and choked to death.
"Aren't you gonna thank me for saving you?" He asked playfully as she took a sip of her rightful drink and began picking up the paint pallet and brushed moving over to the sink to rinse off her brushes. "Wow Maimeri Puro, that's expensive" He noted at her oil panting set. Auri-anna ignored his last sentence as she waltz back over to her area and put her brushes in their rightful slots and folded her case sliding them into her bag.
"Thanks for helping me with that little incident" She turned towards him and ran a hand through her semi curled locks and continued packing up. "My hero" Auri spoke sarcastically before grabbing her Oil set and locking the case taking the handle between her fingers and slinging her back over her shoulder. They stood awkwardly before she looked up at him and turned to the exit.