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Eat To Live.

1. If you let me know what health conditions you are suffering from, I can tell you which foods are causing the problem. There is no medication, exercise or "magical" cure that can transcend diet.

2. Good news! All "dis-ease" is reversible. Never claim a disease!

3. Excuses and denial are two major problems we have, such as, "it runs in my family' and " it's genetic".

4. Exercise daily, such as, using a trampoline, walking or even gardening.

5. Drink electrolyte water for rapid rehydration. Water is even more important than food, because the body is 70% water.

6. Consider "eating for your blood type", you can go online and search your dietary needs based on your blood type.

7. Wheat, soy, and corn are extremely hard to digest.

8. The most miraculous product that I have found is Miracle II, which can be applied to ease pain, consumed to promote internal healing and used as a soaking agent. I use it on my skin, in my eyes and in my nasal passages.

9. Blended foods give the body a rest and are easier on the digestive track. Blended foods also offer more fiber for easier digestion vs. juicing, which separates the fiber from the food.

10. It is not necessary to be vegan or vegetarian, but it is in your best interest to eat foods that are easier to digest and metabolize quickly.

11. It is imperative that we defecate DAILY! It is not a retroactive process.

12. Chlorophyll is 70% sunlight and has major benefits, as such regulating the body's alkalinity. Coffee and other acidic products such as tomatoes, wine, etc., rob the body of its natural PH balance.

13. READ YOUR LABELS! What's listed on the box is rarely inside of the foods. You shouldn't eat anything you can't read, pronounce or understand.

14. Invest in a colonic. Colonoscopy and colonics are two different things. Colonics remove old, impacted fecal matter and helps prevent disease and a colonoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the colon.

15. Artificial fragrances, such as, perfumes, colognes and air fresheners are toxic and inhaling them all day is harmful and stressful on the body.

16. Refrain from using popular, Toxic household products, such as Clorox, Bounce, AJAX, Pine-Sol and Windex.

17. Topical agents are just as toxic and harmful as consumable products. Remember, that the sin is the body's largest organ and the skin absorbs everything.

18. Kombucha is a great digestive aid. It helps promote weight loss and revitalizes the body.

19. Always carry a food bag so you can have the food you need at your disposal. Begin eliminating excuses like, "all they had on the plane or party was...."

20. Evergy soup is the most beneficial food for the digestive system and has all the essential nutrients the body needs.

21. Always have a salad with your meal and remember that 75% of the food on your plate should be organic, raw and green. No canned, frozen, packaged or processed foods. Once you cute vegetables from the stalk, it begins decaying. latest best collections dressed for prom party

22. Always make your own dressing and sauces and refrain from using vinegar, dairy or vegetable oils. Olive oil is best to cook with. Other oils cause cancer because applying heat to the oil converts it into a carcinogenic.

23. Research food combinations. It is very important that you combine the right foods that will digest together and not overwork the body.

24. Gas! Causes for gas include not chewing enough, drinking while you eat and bad food combinations.

25. You are what you eat! I adhere to the adage of the great physician, Hippocrates, who stated, "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".