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hippe styled items to wear if in a wedding

Lethal Bride – (Part 35)
The girls were in frenzy. They
couldn’t wait to get into their
beautiful dresses but first the
bride had to be taken care of.
Crystal took her bath, came
out of the bathroom dripping. Easton, his best man and
groomsmen were already set
and ready to go to church. He
wore a Brioni tuxedo, his feet
wore Testoni Norvegesse’s
black shoe, his left wrist wore a Hublot Classic fussion Haute
Joaillere wristwatch, his
cologne was mild yet manly.
He looked really handsome
and ready to be the husband
of the woman he fell in love with. He got to the door of
her room holding the little
wedding present he had for
her. He tapped three times
before the door was opened
by a beaming bridesmaid. “you know you can’t see the
bride now, it’s bad luck”, he
“I just came to give her a
present” he handed the
present to her, “please give her these”. The girl gasped in
delight “oh my God, of course
I will”. She snatched them
away from him and slammed
the door shut. She hurried to
where Crystal was, still wearing a white lingerie.
“Easton brought these for
you”, she handed her four red
roses, an envelop and a little
box. The girls crowded her
smiling and talking at the same time, they all wanted to
see what was written in the
note. Crystal seemed
uninterested, one of the girls
snatched the envelop from
her and tore it open. She smiled as she saw the content
of the note and decided to
read aloud. “hello my beautiful bride, I
don’t have to see you yet to
know that you look elegant
in your dress. Remember
what I told you about the
four roses. They signify my love for you. I am the most
lucky man alive to have a
beautiful woman like you. Today is the beginning of
forever for us. Before we say
the vows at the altar I want
to promise you that I would
always be there for you, I
will love you and take care of you, you will always be my
very first priority above
everything. My heart, my joy, my love,
my peace, my life and
everything, I love you so
much. See you at the altar”.
Tears streamed down out of some of the eyes of the girls,
they were amazed by how
much Easton loved her.
Crystal just looked on, not
moved by what was read. All
she said after the note was read in her mind was
“bullshit”. They opened the
little box and pulled out a gold
chain that had a locket, it was
opened and the picture of
Crystal and Easton was seen. “this is so beautiful” one said hippe styled items to wear if in a wedding
“wish I was the bride”
another said.
Crystal stepped into her white
strapless beaded gown, which
was made out of yards of ivory, a silk organza that had
a slight gathering with a
diagonal pleat of tulle on the
bodice. The beautiful dress
was finished with a silvery
embroided waistband. An Asprey tiara was placed on
her head before covering her
with an antique white veil.
Francesca brought her shoe,
and slipped them on her feet.
The shoes were made by Stuart Weitzman. Tanzanite
heels made from silver
platinum framing. The
beautiful shoes had studded
diamonds and rare African
tanzanite gems on them. It had about 28 carat of
diamonds stringed to it’s front
strap. About 186 carat of
tanzanite gems were used to
make its ankle bracelet.
All the girls admired everything she wore.
“everything you are putting
on is to die for”, Francesca said
as she dozed her admiration
for her outfit with her eyes.
“you look amazing”, another sighed and said. Francesca
handed Crystal her white and
peach cascading bridal flower
as they led her downstairs to
where a white limousine was
waiting to take them to church. They all held their
breath as they watched her
footstep, guiding her so
carefully so she wouldn’t trip
and fall. As soon as they
reached the floor, they inhaled and exhaled simultaneously.
They got outside to see a hired
driver dressed in a smart black
tuxedo standing next to the
car with his hands crossed in
front of him. As soon as he saw them coming, he opened
the door of the limo for them
to get in. As soon as crystal
got near he congratulated her.
She looked at him and took
her eyes off.
To be continued