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Please share my friends.

Below was the starting point (at just 7 weeks into this amazing ride I am on) where I felt able to actually share what had and still is been happening/ occurring within my body AND mind.

It's been 11 weeks now and I just feel better and better every day! I actually look forward to each new day starting. Which I am so excited and happy to be able to say and share.

Earlier this year I spent a week in a Private Mental Health facility when I had a breakdown and was actually suicidal, arising from a multitude of issues that arose in my life. Then we were broken into at our family home as well as an attempted robbery at our family farm. To discover it had been by people we had tried to help get back on their feet as they were in a bad placejust tipped me over the edge mentally.

Here was where my Journey started....

Hi everyone my name is Penny and I turn 47 on the 12th November. I'm a mother of two beautiful daughters and I've been with my husband for 27 years. Married for 20. I've had to face my share of challenges on my life journey as I was deemed legally blind the year I turned 30as I suffer from a degenerative disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. My Retina's are quite literally dying. I have unfortunately also been afflicted with life long health struggles.

I can say honestly that forr the first time in over 30 years I am no longer in pain, as I have been in most parts of my body for what feels like forever. (I have Spinabifida {thankfully what's considered mild}, I've always had sore, swollen and aching legs , very bad joints and was diagnosed with a "mystery" arthritis at 16. I have fractured my coccyx twice. The top three discs In my neck are compressed.

Two weeks into my journey, I felt huge changes in both my physical and mental health.

I have energy levels that I haven't felt since I was in my 20's. My hair has got much thicker and is growing quicker. My skin is healing faster than it EVER has.

I do not feel depressed or even sad. I have not had a panic or anxiety attack since I started the program. My feelings of worthlessness and self loathing have just disappeared. I feel good about myself. Which I never thought I would I been able to say again!

have suffered with these issues on and off for over 25 years.

I have had shingles 4 times since my 20's due to not being able to deal with stress.

I can now think clearly without fogginess and am actually remembering appointments and conversations that I have with people!

I do not feel fatigued all the time like I did before and I have energy again which is a great feeling.

I have not had an allergic episode. I have carried an Epipen since I was 15 as I was so allergic to SO many things that they are too numerous to list!

The week before starting on these "MAGIC bullets" (as I think of them being)or supplements , I was rushed to hospital by ambulance because of anaphylaxis and severe odoema from my toes to above my knees (swelling).

They kept me in there for three days trying to figure out what was fully going on. I left with appointments to an immunologist and a referral for a further sleep study (I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 4 years ago).

My family tell me that I am now not snoring as bad. I have not been falling asleep on my feet as I was. I feel rested when I wake up. These are all signs of the sleep apnea improving.

The only bad thing that happened is that I picked up a staphlycoccus infection whilst in hospital and had sores come up everywhere on my body that hurt like hell! You usually end up In hospital on a drip to get antibiotics administered intravenously to get this type of infection to go away. It can last for months.

Coincidentally this was diagnosed just as my products arrived on my doorstep. I was able to fight this off just on oral antibiotics AND my sores have nearly healed already.

Further signs I have to show positive results and improvements are;

I have stopped bloating or suffering PMS any more! I had to have a hysterectomy at 38 as issues were so severe.

My bowel motions are normal for the first time EVER.

My liver function was so bad I have been accused of being a "closet drinker" by the medical profession repeatedly over the years AND I DON'T DRINK more than a couple of drinks a few times a year!. In 7 weeks my liver function test went from 300 down to 85 (since I started my journey). My GP asked me what had changed so I told him what I'd discovered and his reply was, whatever your doing keep doing it. He is going to take a full blood test after the first four months have passed. My last blood test showed the liver problems I mentioned above, anaemia and raised cholesterol levels (genetic). So I'll do a follow up with you all then to let you know my results.

I was a chronic asthmatic from 6 weeks of age. Unfortunately from the medication I have had to take for asthma over the years my lungs have been left damaged and they were left with black scaring. The asthma did decrease over the years. However, I get Bronchitis and Laryngitis alot. I haven't had either since starting this process.

I was run over by a car at 7 years of age and I was in a coma for 4 days. Medical staff did not know what the outcome would be for my future or even if I would wake up.
I thankfully woke up and was not left with any obvious brain damage. However, I have suffered from headaches ever since. I HAVE NOT HAD EVEN ONE since commencing this program!

I've had too many falls to keep count of (due to being visually impaired) with the outcome being many torn muscles and ligaments and stitches over the years. I tore the tendons and ligaments in my right shoulder about three years ago from falling over in my own front yard. I have had a few steroid injections with only limited success for a short period of time. Since starting on my supplements it doesn't even ache! I am just healing everywhere. It's So exciting.

Wounds have always healed slowly on me and now I'm healing noticeably faster.

It was diagnosed quite a few years ago that I had a hiatus hernia and I had developed Grade A Reflux disease. Subsequent to this I have been on various medication's as well as having lots of issues with foods and my stomach. My last gastroscopy showed that I have benign tumors lining the walls of my stomach. It had gotten to the point that I would avoid eating altogether if I could as I was vomiting in my sleep and was scared I would choke and die in my sleep. I was not waking up as I was medicated quite heavily to stop me ruminating so much in my sleep leading to severe restless leg syndrome, sleep walking and sleep eating! You could have a full discussion with me in this state and I had no memory of any of it. My youngest daughter figured out that to tell if I was awake or asleep she had to ask me a maths question! I became too scared to eat. garments which is affordable in 50 of the prom

As my husband is a FIFO worker I truly felt guilty as my girls were stressing too much about ME. It didn't sit well with me that they were burdened by this or put in that position.

I don't recall to have EVER felt that hungry feeling In my life and I am actually wanting to eat now.
Healthy food too not junk.

My 21 and 19 year old daughters are just blown away by this change alone. One of them commented that they had NEVER heard me say I was hungry.

I can't wait to find out and discover what else has been positively happening within my body.

Lastly, I must add. My husband, Ed, tuned to me the other day when I laughed at something . I thought he was going to cry when he said, I can not remember the last time I heard you laugh like that, it's so nice to have you back Pen.