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formal wears dressed in graduation occasion


Ok, thank you...
Time has now momentarily stopped moving.
It will resume at it's accelerating pace immediately following this moment, but for this ONE instant, there is no anger, anxiety, or fear...they do not exist in this snapshot of time we are frozen in.
[*Thursday morning, November 30th, 2017]

The time was important to note, because the moment YOU have paused is unique to you. There will be a great variance between this moment in time you have just paused, and anyone elses. This message will only be relevant for a short and finite amount of time after it is posted...maybe 72 hours or so. Most people reading this, as time resumes its normal function, will be doing so out of curiosity...
Strangely enough, those people of the 'future' will understand what I am saying much more clearly than I can understand it now....
(I know...wtf, right? I agree...)

That said,
You will never forget this exact moment in time, you will remember it for the rest of your life, even if you may not realize it yet...
I'm happy to explain why I'm saying this, and you are welcome at any time to stop reading this, and to ignore everything in these words, and discount everything that I'm saying.
You aren't going to do that.
I am only referring to the reading part, I don't presume to know whether or not you will roll your eyes and decide to ignore everything I'm saying...I think it's likely that most people will react that way, I probably would.
There are an infinite number of things you could be doing, and infinite collections of words you could otherwise be reading in this moment.
There is a resonance here that you are drawn to. Here's the strange, and honest truth; I dont know where this is going, and I am even more intrigued than you to find out. I dont really feel like I am even the author of this message, more like I'm being guided by some benevolent energy that far exceeds my own imaginative ability and certainly my capacity for description. If you know me, then you will recognize that is not something I would usually say, and there is a tone here that is different about my words...it would be annithetical to the intent of this message to speculate any further.
(I have never used that word before, I don't even know if it is spelled correctly...but that is where that word goes.)

Back to this moment:
You will revisit this very unique moment many times, for the rest of your life, but not because of anything you are reading here. You will reflect on your reaction to this, even if you don't realize it. If these words up until now have seemed to thread a somewhat 'hypnotic' rhythm, keep in mind that is a projection that came from within the framework of your own mind. I only mention that because that was my own reaction. Just as the kinetic beauty of any single piece of artwork is whatever value you personally assign to it. I don't know anything about art, but is not difficult for me to imagine a scenario where a macaroni picture on a refrigerator has more value than the Mona Lisa in the eyes of it's beholder. The point here is that you have read the entirety of this message because you have recognized some measure of inherent value within it. How many magazine articles and user agreements have you decided not to value the same way? formal wears dressed in graduation occasion

All of that was necessary to contextualize this:

The world has felt like a very different place in the last 400 days. This is true for everyone, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, nationality...etc. The future has taken on a burden of 'uncertainty', for everyone. But this lack of stability only means that the pages ahead are not yet written, the world is currently malleable, and what form it will take is going to be determined by the sum of the willpower of the of the numbers of people who are willing to do whatever is necessary to come to the understanding that we have this moment, right now, to bridge the divides that have been systematically designed for the specific purpose of crippling our collective strength. This type of manipulative social engineering has happened many times before throughout history. So, we are going to repeat history we know that already...but WHICH history we are going to to repeat, depends on you.
The next couple of weeks are going to be a test. I don't know exactly what form this challenge will take, but it will be obvious. I know that information is power. So I'm going to pay very close attention, and use that strength as efficiently as I possibly can.

*As last year was ending, people were blowing up signs of 2016...what a crappy year...etc...as if changing the calendar out means you get to hit a reset button, and start back with a clean slate as if there's no mess to clean up.
Lesson learned?
The events of 2018 will determine what course the world will take for the remainder of your human existence. We will have a very clear picture about who is good, and who is evil...
What happens over the course of 2018 will determine how long your children live, if they are going to have the opportunity to have children of their own, or it could determine how they will die.
So let's just say "New Year"...and earn the "Happy" for next time around.