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evening items to wear of the sexy pattern

Greetings of the day
Dated l 30 l 11 l2017
Page No 30
Book Natural English
Author Bilal Seeri

You should watch me try to play basketball.

It's actually really funny. :)

I'm making a LOT of mistakes. Luckily, the team I'm playing with here in Japan is patient with me as I try and try again.

It's the first time I've ever played basketball on an organized team, and the style of play is much different than the American "playground" style I'm used to.

Even though I'm not doing very well, I see tiny hints of progress...

I'm dribbling the ball a little bit better.

My stamina is increasing.

I'm learning more about how to move without the ball.

But these things are only possible because I'm willing to try again.

And I keep trying because I know that, like basketball, speaking a second language is a physical skill you must develop.

It's not like learning a fact or formula (like how to do basic math). It's something you must train yourself to get good at over and over again, like playing an instrument or performing a magic trick.

In addition to the repetition of actual practice, you've probably noticed a few themes in the mails I write that happen to appear again and again.

I talk about a lot of the same things - how to remember, how to meet people, how to have the mindset of a successful learner, etc. - because you need to hear these again and again as well.

We all need to be reminded of where we're going, as well as how to get there, because we sometimes lose confidence...

Because we sometimes get busy or distracted...

Because we sometimes get tired and want to give up.

And that's why I'm here.

As your English Fluency Guide, I know I'll have to remind you once, twice or even 200 times about how to do something to make sure you do it successfully.

Again, this is the same thing the captain of my basketball team has to do with me. And he's awesome about it!

I know you'll make many mistakes when you try speaking English.

I expect you not to read an important message I send the first time.

I trust that you won't always follow my advice in lessons.

But I'm not giving up. :)

I'm right here next to you, ready with the lesson again, as many times as I need to repeat it, so that you finally develop the mastery of English you've been working so hard for.

Once you also understand that this cycle of trial, error and learning is essential to you becoming a fluent English speaker, you'll start smiling, too.

You'll understand that the ability to try again is more important than any knowledge or skill you already have.

Those who are successful aren't usually geniuses. They're just regular people who got up again when they fell so they could keep going.

Know that you will make mistakes and your mistakes will be much easier to recover from.

Know that you'll have to hear the same message many, many times before it finally sinks into your brain.

And know that I'm right here beside you when you need it, and making plenty of mistakes of my own.

Tell yourself to "DO IT AGAIN!" and you will see how much faster - and more easily - you get fluent. :)

Speaking of repetition, I thought I'd remind you about the special collection of lessons a group of teachers and I created for you that will only be available for a few more days.

If you're looking for a LOT to learn with for a very low price, the English Power Pack is perfect for you.

One of the best parts about this collection of programs is that it gives you the right kind of practice repetition.

When you develop a physical skill like speaking a second language, you need to review the same things in different ways.

My personal students in Master English Conversation watch, read, write, listen to, speak along with and try to teach what they learn in lessons so they develop long-term memory and the ability to speak without hesitation. evening items to wear of the sexy pattern

Those who purchase the English Power Park will also be exposed to many of the same ideas, but in different ways, and - more importantly - from different native English speakers.

A word you'll read in one program will be something you'll hear or see in another, and with in a slightly different way.

All of these different connections to the same things help to build a "web" of fluency in your mind. The more connections you have, the better your ability to use that knowledge without thinking or translating will be.

Oh... There's one more thing I should remind you about, because many people who already purchased the English Power Pack haven't yet requested their free lesson upgrade from me.

If you've already purchased the collection of lessons, check the introductory video folder of my Visual Guide to Phrasal Verbs video course for more information.

(If you haven't purchased the English Power Pack yet, my free bonus is waiting for you here.)

Click here to claim your bonus as part of the English Power Pack before the sale ends. There are only a few days left before it disappears forever.

Whether you decide to take advantage of this offer or not, remember to keep trying, and to repeat your lessons in the same way you'd practice an instrument.

Fluency is still waiting for you when you fall. You just need to stand up again and grab it. :)