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budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50

well ive been just sitting here thinking all day and well kind of stuck in this corner just being quiet listening but um well its cold as fuck in this house cuz the heater is broke to me it sounds like it is on i think it is the idiot in the other room that thinks i wont touch her i swear its my ex mother in law for real so anyway yes i know i bounce alot on my phone and with this one being broke and slow aas fuck i can never follow thru online but anyway he is asleep im chillin on thw floor my back hurts so bad and i looked up a few things today and well it made me sick to my stomach cuz in 2013 is when i started being more thaan just a walking test dummy nut thats when they started doing surguries on me the headaches started hell waking up with all my knuckles slicked kpen into the shape of crosses on my hand u name it of course they have become more skill since then but still and then in december of 2013 is when i was on life support almost a month for ards accute blood loss animea pneumonia respiratory failure and much more so yep dates add up times add up and i didnt agree for this shit so i got a law suit i had good health and perfect vision and hearing now my eyes are clearly fake hellbif i stare in my left eye with a magnifying glass i can actuaally see the camera in reverse deep breathh im cool aaint gonna paniic but yum i got fake veins and tendions everywhere the tip of my nose is fake or altered i pulled the stiches out of the right top corner today and wow inside my nose looks burnt and i aint snorting ahit hell i shot not snort so the air i breath is that toxic wow anyway my spin feels redone well all my bones do my knees are teice the size and twisted to the side along with my arm my boobs sag and slide to the hit of a button and well i think he sucked the fat out if my ass and put it in my finger like no shit i will prove it but ya so im low on money i cant belive that this fucking dude did that shit man i sat there all day waiting to gwt a 20 and he is sitting there acting like a badass saying well if he dont show up im gonna do this and rhat anyway i waitwd all day to gwt a 20 spending money i realy dont have but yes the chemicals actually react for the bettwr and will save your life that is y they slide me fake shit and no chris williamsis ok he is a good person his girlfriend is the reason this guy cuts my haor while im sleeping anyway so i get my 20 and then his friend who is also cool shows up and hooks him up 5 min latwr he didnt say anything he sprayed out the shit i handed him walked over to his corner made himself some and i was like wtf ypu couldn't twll me that 5 min ago i mean dam dudeyou dont even buy your fucking cigerates i do thats fucked up so ya disnt share didnt offer nothing takes it out side to his little girlfriwmd that he feeds outaide and hooks her up comes in the house loads up everything out of the room gives it to her gwts dressed and leaves and then comes back doing the same shit i am like wow mother fucker really i cant wait its bad enough as it is but he has these little side ghost that hide and sneek in the room and shit but no one ever just stands up and says im here if they come over needing socks or food or clothes or anyrhing or see something they want he gives it to them im so done i really am but i want this house i wanna know what is really undwr it i mean i think i am owes thst at least and fml i woke up to being yelled at yeatwrday cuz little bitch pete had to go write him and twll him i was talking shit and steping out of line and i said i was gonna leave and i was like dude i didnt know he was in herw for one and for 2 i was talking to myself he popped off ya i had him sitting ober there with the gun for a rwason know what fuck all of you yakl want to know how your bussiness gets out ask this dude and his bff wow yall blow my mind but snyway that was me bitching for now and no my puples do not respond at all anymorw so wow nyway i got my shit packed i just dont know i got a bunch of law suits thats what i got but hell i dont even know whwrw to atart budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50