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1. dna inside a normal cell becomes altered by chemical damage, by incorrect reproduction, virus, or other means. Ordinary cellular division can have errors that result in cancers. All of us have a large number of abnormal cells, and it is expected, the body has means to deal with them, but sometimes it goes wrong just in the normal course of living. Don't expect to remove toxins and you're safe, you aren't. You need to know how to stop it from growing and spreading in addition to preventing heavy exposure to toxic cancer-causing agents like tobacco, asbestos, plutonium and processed meats like hot dogs (all are class one carcinogens according to the World Health Organization).
2. the now abnormal cell may be harmless or dangerous, even a cancer cell.
3. in many cases, the immune system discovers it by detecting the presence of abnormal proteins in the cellular covering, and destroys the cell either directly or by signalling the cell to self-destruct.
4. in other cases, the cell itself has mechanisms which detect its own abnormality, and the cell self-destructs.
5. but if the cell remains alive, it can begin to rapidly reproduce itself. In this case cells do not mature but quickly reproduce like teenagers (adolescent cells). This means they do not resemble functioning cells from the area, so are easily seen under a microscope. They drain resources but contribute nothing to the body; they are parasitic in nature, and interfere with the functioning of the body, cutting off normal processes the body needs to live.
6. at some point these cancer cells are detected as a lump or growth that may cause symptoms or show up on imaging. By now the cancer has usually spread to other parts of the body. So long as cancer remains in one place, it is harmless and labelled 'benign'; simple surgery removes it and it stays gone. It is when it spreads that it is truly 'cancer'. Thus, all effective cancer treatments should in reality be preventive, since diagnosis cannot detect it soon enough for treatment to stop the spread. Radiation and surgery, though high impact, do work, chemo often does not. The cancer cells can resist or become immune to the chemo in a few years' time afterwards. Many cancers are already immune to chemo and not treatable. Thus many cancers are diagnosed as terminal.
7. if the original tumor is left alone, it grows and sends out other cells or groups of cells, baby tumors which usually stay small. This is because the 'mother tumor' sends out chemical messages to keep them small. If the mother tumor is removed, the babies then begin to grow.
8. the speed of tumor growth depends on how much excess of the hormone IGF1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1) is present in the body. IGF1 at normal levels is not dangerous, but excess IGF1 is the most cancer promoting substance known. Just introducing an excess of it, has been shown to stimulate cancer growth in people who are otherwise cancer-free. Remember this name "IGF1", Forget sugar; reducing sugars or carbs has never worked to reduce cancer in the body. Some experiments in petri dishes in the lab showed some results but it did not translate to anything useful in the human body. Focus on dropping IGF1, now!
9. IGF1 is made in excess by the liver in response to the eating of animal protein, in the use of anabolic steroids (testosterone imitators), or hormone release during puberty. At these times the body turns off its cancer defenses in order to let all cells grow rapidly to protect the child from being weak and puny. After growth is complete, it turns the defenses back on, and reduces cell growth back to normal. But if IGF1 is left at excess levels, cancer cells use it to grow out of control. This starts right after youth and continues decades into adulthood at which time the cancer shows up. The faster a child grows and matures, the more likely they will be to have cancer later. We were wrong to promote our kids growing big fast, apparently. If the amount of calories from animal protein in the a human population's diet (and other animals like rats) exceeds 5 percent of total calories, cancer will be represented strongly in the population UcenterDress items that suitable for sixteen girls that looks sweety
10. If the calories from animal products are shifted to under 5, the cancer tends to slow down, and the population's cancer rates stay low or fall.
11. Human blood from people eating whole food plant-based diets kills off 80 percent of cancer cells in a lab dish experiment, while meater and dairy eaters blood only killed 9 percent. This is proof of concept for the hypothesis that animal products in excess of 5 percent of calories are capable of driving cancer rates higher, and that plant-based diets are able to drive cancer growth lower, even if it already exists.
12 There are many cases of cancer remissions among people who suddenly switched to whole food plant-based diets.
13. I know of none who switched to meat-based diets and fought off cancer. It usually goes the other way. Countries in which plant-based diets are eaten usually have much lower cancer rates than those eating the most meat.
14 In addition to the stimulus to cancer from animal products, the addition of leafy dark greens especially cruciferous green plants like kale and broccoli show potent anti-cancer properties.
15. Mushrooms, onions, berries, and seeds such as ground flax seeds show strong anti-cancer fefects against many cancers, such as prostate and breast cancers. One small white mushroom, for example per day reduced cancer death risk 67 percent in women with breast cancer. It stops the spread by stopping the growth of blood vessels into the tumors.
16. once cancer has started, it may be best to treat it, but also to start a strict whole plant food diet immediately, using these principles. If you feed cancer, it will grow, if you do not feed it, and instead eat things that counteract it, is should stop or even shrink and fade away. See the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD for more information on diets that fight cancer. He has patients who have gone from stage 4 into remission for over 10 years!

Plants get cancer, too. Their own chemistry has many substances that fight it for them and for us when we consume them. Their exposure to dna damage from the sun, from animals eating them, and toxins from insects, etc while they cannot move away from the threat, means they have become expert chemists with hundreds of substances in them to provide help in fighting cancer. We should realize this and incorporate them in our diets to much greater degree than we do. Certain of them are more effective than others against cancers, and Dr. Fuhrman has devoted considerable time, study and testing to find out which ones work the best.

Individuals vary in the degree they deal with abnormal cells, but the tools and processes used by the body are the same. Furthermore, the numbers of abnormal cells in individuals is not that different from person to person.

Genetics can add a level of protection or risk, but diet governs the outcome in over 90 percent of cancers, while genetics is far less significant than originally thought. Genetics loads the gun, diet pulls the trigger, so to speak. And diet alone can fire the gun. This fact is easily seen with immigration health studies in which populations with low cancer rates move and get high rates, the factor being the change in diet. People with high rates switch to diets used by people with low, and their own rates are seen to drop--all within a generation or two. Genetics don't change that fast, but diet often does take about a generation or two to change over. We need to pay attention to the biochemical health implications of what we eat, and what we don't eat. The good news is that it's a simple-to-do thing. The bad news is that if we don't get the science, we can be talked out of our own health and not realize it..