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(Short Story)

Written By: @OhThatsMo_

"Enough with the fucking screaming! Lets just talk like two grown woman that we are. Don't make me go down for two homicides. Lets get this shit over with." As Monica swinging the gun in her right hand while holding A pint of Jack Daniels in her left hand demanding A dreadful soul full of astonishing feelings running through her veins. "What do you want to know? What don't you know Monica?" The voice from the dreadful soul uttered while tears started to stream down from her eyes. "I want to know everything Sasha. Tell me everything..."
"Monica... I -" Monica cut Sasha off.
"I really never understood the word love. You know what love is? Hey, Do you wanna hear a joke Sasha?" Monica aroused a sneaky grin on her face. As she put down the gun on one of the little brown night tables. She took a sip of liquor and put the bottle right next to the pistol.

Monica sat on a chair facing Sasha. She stared into her eyes and started to laugh. "why you seem so scared pretty?" Sasha shook her head with extreme anger and disappointment. "This is beyond -" Monica cut her off again.
"Its funny because.." she paused and looked around as she continue to speak. "I bought me a diary 2 years ago. I bought it because i realized a bitch like me have so many unstable emotions that cant even be tamed or sustained. So i write everything down. My feelings, My thoughts, My Fantasies, My personal Schemes, My relations and motivations! Then i started to write about love. That word tickles me because i actually believed in love Sasha." Monica took a gulp of her best friend in the bottle.

She continued.

"Unlike you, I treat jack the same way i treat Daniel." Monica Laughed. "Get the joke?" Sasha turned her head towards the wall which is the opposite side from Michael. Who's body laying violently on the bedroom floor cold blooded.
"I was living in a decent house with a stranger who didn't notice me anymore. I prepared Breakfast, lunch for work, work outs, dinner and dessert. When the stranger I love would look pass me and leave with nothing to say. Not even a volume of tone. I leave 30 voicemails each day to state my frustrations, my confusions, my emptiness, my loneliness, and bitterness. There would be nights when the stranger i love never comes home. I cried myself to sleep during a lot of lonely nights. Keyword MYSELF! I was alone and felt spiritually tortured. I had no attention, no affection and no care. It was times i look myself in the mirror and ask god what am i doing wrong? Each week i changed up my hairstyles, my wardrobes, my beauty by putting more makeup, then less make makeup turned into no makeup at all. I ate less, then i ate more and then i stop eating. I wrote in my diary every 2 hours. Jack Daniels and my diary were the only love i had." Ucenter Dress petite items to wear for maid of the brides

Monica started to cry.

"I been found out about the cheating. I knew for so long that I hated myself for not putting a stop to it. But how can you stop someone from cheating when they gave themselves consent to keep it going? Who tf am I? Why I just didn't pack my stuff and leave? Why would I ever tolerate this madness for so long?" Monica took another sip of her jack Daniels and smiled at Michael dead body. "Now I just killed your pathetic secret lover." She turned to Sasha. "You love him? He was better than me because he had a dick? Was it worth cheating on me with him Sasha?"
Sasha started to sob into tears. "No.." she continued. "Baby i'm so sorry.. I never-" Monica cut her off again. "You think it was worth me killing him?" Sasha shook her head constantly. "BITCH ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION!!" Monica shouted. "NO!!" Sasha replied back with a higher base in her voice full of tears.

Monica Laughed.

"To me it was worth every pain and vacant nights I spent in that fucking house! I felt like a dead body trying to figure out life itself!"
Monica picked up her gun and stared at Sasha with terror in her eyes. "Babe.. please don't -" Monica continue to cut her off. "Bitch if you don't shut the fuck up." Monica continued. "Love is supposed to be a beautiful thing they said. Love is full of compassion giving from two individuals who exchange their inner souls while 'Thee' body captures it. That was my definition." She paused and leaned back in her chair. "Then i came up with a theory called The Punishment Of Love. Which includes the ending of a tiring heart; with a side affect of an incapacitate soul, a lifeless spirit, an insecure beauty, a stomach that craves vengeance and a brilliant wrongdoer."
Monica cried
"Take this gun away from me Sasha! Please!" As Sasha reached for Monica gun. She successfully took it out of her hand. "Babe.. We can fix all of this discombobulated mess. I'll do anything for you at this moment. I'm so sorry for all the pain and trouble I caused you. I want to make this all work but we have to do get rid of the body." Sasha moved closer to Monica.
Monica looked into her eyes and reached for a kiss. As they both lend each other a kiss. Monica yanked the gun out of Sasha hand and stood up.
"Babe please!!!" Sasha continue to plead. "Don't do this.. don't kill me! You will regret all of this at the end." Monica tilt her head sideways with silly confusion. "I'm not going to kill you Sasha. We were fussing with the gun and you killed me. So its up to you to kill yourself." Sasha eyes widen into confusion. "Monica what are you saying?"

Monica turned the gun towards the center of her head and repeated the ending of her last sentence with a twist. "Its up to you to kill yourself. Now its time for you to feel my agony." Monica pulled the trigger, As her body collapsed to the ground while Sasha body was froze into horror and shock. The only words she kept hearing over and over in her head was "Its time for you to feel my agony."